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Audrey studied the cello at the Conservatoire of Nîmes.
Whilst studying social sciences at the University of Avignon she continued her musical training with Christine Radais.
In 2011 she won the prize for chambre music and musical culture, and continued her studies by obtaining the Diploma of Music with François Carpita in 2013.

Passionate by current and new music, she plays the cello in different projects
(Makali, a French group, signed by Mercury en 2006 ; in 2010, cellist and singer in a Franco-Spanish group MarcMartorell et les Magnets, at the Festival Off in Avignon (2010 et 2011).

Other strings to her bow, include playing Jazz (Trio La&Ca), classic, Rock-Pop (Luster Trio), and exploring the interdisciplinary potential for her work : writing for the poetic creation Pouet Pouet, with La Poudrière, directing a short-film Mes voisins (2014) and composing for a dance trio (Tu ne te souviendra pas).
Since 2013 she has studied electroacoustic music and composition at the conservatoire of Lyon.

She joins Compagnie Animotion in 2016 for The Musicians of Bremen, alongside Tristan, Hayli & Simon.

She’s a bit like her donkey; very wise, but very stubborn.